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We help Digital Health, Medical Device and Healthcare Companies implement industry-centric medical marketing solutions that catalyse growth.

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Experienced, knowledgeable and nimble. We develop strategies, branding and campaigns that deliver a sustainable, competitive advantage for medical companies doing business in Australia.

Dr Julian Hooper

Dr Julian Hooper

Founder & Managing Director

Analytical and Strategic Thinker, Scientist, Hybrid Marketer.

Danielle Spinks-Earl

Danielle Spinks-Earl

Marketing & Communications Manager

Published Author, Brand Storyteller, Creative Strategist.

Rhiannon Young

Rhiannon Young

Marketing Assistant

Digital Marketer, Communications and Media Specialist.

Claire Johnson

Claire Johnson

Creative & Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer, Creative, Artistic Visionary.

How Well Do You Connect the Dots?

Anyone with enough time on their hands can figure out how to design a website, create some digital ads and start posting on social media.

But it’s how you connect the dots that makes the difference.

We know how to grow your business by starting with the fundamentals and developing a unique blend of Medical Marketing that generates results and supercharges your sales.

Leverage our network of industry connections, resources and expertise to your advantage.

Activate Your Secret WEAPON

Don’t do what everyone else does, just for the sake of it. It only increases your chances of being ignored, instead of getting noticed. It’s bewildering that so many companies favour this approach to their marketing. The minority who don’t tend to be those that dare to be different, which is a serious competitive advantage. Be a non-conformist and deviate from the herd, it’s the best way to stand out!