About Us

Let’s get to know each other a little better

We are devoted to advancing medical and scientific businesses using exceptional marketing and industry understanding

We KNOW What Works

We can help your business to connect with new customers across different marketing channels using our networks and know-how.

Harmoniously blending great design and clever marketing, we develop imaginative solutions that communicate the right messages to the right audience.

We combine our industry knowledge with client needs to devise amazing marketing strategies and campaigns that outperform and stimulate success.

Our strategies help medical and scientific organisations grow their business, increase revenues and dominate their industry niche.

We are not a cut-cost agency because that would mean compromising on quality. What we do provide is value for money because the returns we generate will far outweigh your investment. Engage us to manage your marketing and you’ll never look back, guaranteed.

We understand how a strong marketing strategy can mean the difference between business obscurity and success. It’s not just about selling a great product or service — you need to engage with prospects at every stage of their journey, from the moment they hear about your business, to the point they become a customer and beyond.

Our team helps medical and scientific businesses develop their brand presence, gain exposure and increase customer awareness. We offer a full range of digital and creative marketing services including Branding, Website & Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing (SEO / SEM), Social Media Marketing and Strategic Planning.

How We Deliver The Results That You Want!

By understanding the purpose of your organisation, the unique benefits of your products and services, by really knowing who we are creating for, we can deliver experiences that convey personality and bring your vision to life.

We do this with a focus on growing your business by optimising content and delivery through measured feedback and iterative development that generates results and ultimately, a huge return on your investment with us.

Meet the Team

We are a group of multidisciplinary specialists who provide amazing marketing services to the medical and scientific industry. We’re nimble, we know what works and we build strategies that deliver a sustainable, competitive advantage for our clients.

Dr Julian Hooper

Dr Julian Hooper

Founder & Managing Director

Born in Australia, I studied chemistry at Kings College London. While my academic training provided a strong foundation in both analytical and scientific theory, it also encouraged an interest in design and creativity.

After 10 years of working in the medical industry I found a perfect balance between logical and creative, art and science, words and numbers. Establishing fluidic was the perfect way to blend these passions together and forms the foundation of the agency.

Danielle Spinks-Earl

Danielle Spinks-Earl

Marketing & Communications Manager

Danielle is a widely-published writer and passionate brand storyteller who combines a background in journalism and corporate communications with a love of graphic design and strategic creative.

Having previously worked with the NSW Government, an international medical HIV and viral hepatitis organisation, general practice and agribusiness, her past experience is a perfect fit for the agency and our clients.

Rhiannon Young

Rhiannon Young

Marketing Assistant

Rhiannon is a Marketing, Communications, and Media professional who is passionate about marketing in the digital space and learning how to best adapt to the ever-changing spheres of online and social media.

Claire Johnson

Claire Johnson

Creative & Graphic Designer

Claire Johnson is a talented and passionate graphic designer who has previously worked as part of the creative team for notable health magazines such as Diabetic Living and Women’s Health.

When she’s not busy creating amazing designs for our clients she keeps busy with her side project Efloressence, crafting a range of beautiful aromatherpay inspired skincare products that we love.

Let’s Start Working Together!

If you’re working in scientific or healthcare and want to get ahead it pays to partner with those who know the industry like you do. We understand the jargon, technicalities, regulations and sales & marketing challenges you face and can help you to rise to the top.