Your Health

How we modernised and developed new revenue channels for a medical and healthcare education platform that connects GP’s with patients.

A Brief History

At it’s heart, Your Health is a quarterly newsletter established in 1997. The publication provides GP practices with a convenient way to meet accreditation requirements for patient communications.

Making printed media available in the waiting room of a doctor’s surgery is a great way to engage with a captive audience. However, since the rise of smartphones, things have changed.

These days the amount of information available to people is mind boggling — nearly everyone carries the entire internet in their pocket! Personally curated media can be consumed opportunistically and ephemeral content usually wins out, due to it’s inherent, short lived nature.

This explosion of choice means there is more competition and a perceived drop in relevance and value for traditional mediums.

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Your Health features rich consumer content about medical conditions, fitness, diet, exercise and preventative health to captivate, educate and inspire

Project Summary

In an increasingly digital world, the original Your Health newsletter is a refreshingly lo-fi product for GPs to offer patients! But less people than ever take printed material with them, and so we identified a need to expand Your Health into the digital realm.

By taking an agile approach to re-imagining the Your Health brand, we are evolving it from a humble newsletter into a modern digital platform. Our vision to deliver Practice Marketing As A Service (PMAAS) will empower GP surgeries with the exact tools they need to grow and deliver healthcare education to their patients.


We are in the process of modernising the software stack and building out a range of services that are a response to the needs of medical practices in Australia.

  • Patient Newsletter
  • eNewsletters
  • Information Brochures
  • Website Design and Management
  • Digital Health Widgets
  • Design Services
  • Social Media Curation

The big picture is to provide a low-touch, affordable solution for busy practice managers to boost patient engagement, without them having to learn a heap of new skills along the way.

And, for companies who need to market directly to GP’s and simultaneously encourage patient action, the platform provides many great opportunities to get your message across natively.

Do you need to educate professionals?