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Most agencies want to see how much your business can afford to pay before providing their rates — prioritising their own profits over your success. At Fluidic, we do things differently. We’ve engineered our agency using a combination of A-class talent, structured delivery frameworks, agility and a mutual partnership model that allows us to skip the usual nonsense and focus on results, not billing.


Startups & Early Stage Brands
$ 4,000 / Month
  • Growth Consulting
  • Access to all our resources
  • On demand Growth Specialists


Scale Ups
$ 10,000 / Month
  • Growth Consultant
  • 1 × Growth Assistant
  • On demand Growth Specialists
Max Impact


Larger Companies
$ 34,999 / Month
  • Growth Consultant
  • 2 × Growth Assistants
  • 1 × FTE Growth Specialists

*Prices represent a minimum level of investment required to make a significant impact. The final investment is determined by the outcome and results you need to achieve your growth goals in-budget and on time.

Most agencies worth their salt charge $250+ per hour. Crunch the numbers and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see our costs are a fraction of that, giving you outstanding value compared to the cost of pouring money into campaigns with uncertain outcomes.

More Than You Bargained For

The Elements of Growth

All engagements begin with a strategy that combines the perfect mix of activities to generate noticeable results and supercharge your success. Based on your Growth Consultant’s recommendations, your goals and budget, your plan could include any of the following activities.

Paid Media

Social Media

Landing Pages


Email Marketing

Marketing Automation

Lead Magnets

eBooks / White Papers

PR & Media


Market Research


Why Work With Us?

We share your goals

We work together as partners to develop a comprehensive plan and strategy. What’s good for you is good for us!

Gain a competitive advantage

Our team are experts in their speciality. Degree educated, highly trained and motivated to contribute to your success.

Grow through experience

We stimulate growth using the same methods used by the worlds biggest and best companies.

Scale Faster

Extend your capacity, increase expertise — without the hassle, cost and uncertainty of hiring.

Positive ROI

Feed your inner geek with data-driven analytics and performance optimisation.

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