Life Doesn’t Stop for Diabetes

How we developed brand presence in a saturated segment of the Australian Healthcare market

Unifine Pentips

Owen Mumford (UK)

Unifine Pentips is an insulin pen needle with an independently verified increase in beneficial user habits. The device contains a feature that reduces the risk of needlestick injury and is easier for people with disabilities to use.

The product was new to the Australian market so awareness was low. Furthermore, many diabetes educators and pharmacists were familiar with competing brands and entrenched in their existing product preferences.

Our market research indicated that many pharmacists were not aware of the brand on the NDSS, or reluctant to order it for customers.

Unifine Pentips
Owen Mumford
Unifine Pentips Plus

For people living with diabetes

Life. Doesn’t. Stop

So we devised a campaign that empowered and celebrated the amazing individuals who don’t let living with a chronic disease get in the way.

UPP diabetic living advertisement

Approach & Solutions

  • Nationwide sampling and education, distributed to clinical professionals and consumers via earned, owned and paid media streams.
  • A holistic digital and social media strategy that engaged multiple stakeholders, including Diabetes Organisations, Clinical Educators, Pharmacists, General Practitioners, and End Users.
  • Landing page redesign, site security, accessibility and copywriting which increased organic ranking to page 1 of Google for key search terms.
  • Email drip sequences to nurture sample requests linked directly to client’s CRM system. Automated follow-up communications were put in place to lower churn rate, enhance user experience.
  • Media plan that leveraged key social channels, complimented emerging trends. search engine marketing (SEM), Google Ads, and articles to educate patients.

The Results

Over 2,000 sample packs were distributed across Australia
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Our EDM’s achieved open rates well above the industry average.
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Reduced site bounce rate by >17% and increased visits by >150%
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There was over a 1,000% increase in sales during the campaign
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