The Growth Report

The Growth Report is a market snapshot of the latest trends that put B2B companies like yours ahead of the pack. Participate and win great prizes (worth over $4,000) for your business!
Every year we launch an exclusive Growth Report to capture the state of leadership and revenue teams. If you’re working in professional B2B services and consulting we need your help!Take our survey and be part of Fluidic’s biggest report of the year.You’ll have the chance to win a MacBook Air and you’ll get the report as soon as it’s ready.
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Want to know more?

State of the market reports provide a snapshot of the current market conditions and can be useful for businesses and organisations to understand trends, analyse competitors, and inform strategic decision-making.

Participating in the survey means that you are actively contributing to the accuracy and completeness of the report, and can also provide an opportunity for your business to have its voice heard within the industry. In addition, participation will help you stay informed about developments in the market and benchmark your performance against others in the industry.

We respect your time and have carefully designed the survey to reflect this. Most questions are presented in a quick, multiple choice format, with open ended questions kept to a minimum. The time taken to complete the survey should be about 15 minutes, depending on your answers.

Because we are limiting the number of responses in the hundreds, your odds of winning a prize are extremely high. With a good chance of getting a significant return on investment for your time, taking part is well worth it!

Winners are chosen by a judging panel based on the most insightful answers provided within each catageory.

The Growth Report will be published before the end of the Australian financial year. It will be made available for download on this web page and participants will be provided with a free copy via email.

Yes, all data in the report will be aggregated and de-identified. In order to enter into the competition we do need to collect your contact details, but they will be treated with utmost confidentiality.

Help shape the next edition of The Growth Report and win over AU$4,000 in great prizes

Only takes ~5 minutes