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Dynamic Keyword Insertion on Any Webpage

Whilst working on a marketing campaign for a client we needed to target a variety of audiences via a landing page. Working in medical, it isn’t uncommon for us to design ways to speak with consumers and professionals at the same time. However, clever copywriting can only take you so far. Naturally particular audiences care about different aspects of the same product and targeting messages that are specific to their needs makes sense.

Whilst there are options out there to make web pages dynamic most of what we found tied us to a particular platform which, whilst good for some, can also limit design creativity. Most of the articles you find on the web wax lyrical about how great it is from a digital advertising perspective (i.e. you can do it with Google search ads etc…), but there are not a lot of solutions if you’re working on custom developed web pages. So, we set about creating Switch which is a zero dependancy (i.e. 100 % javascript) library that can be embedded on any webpage to deliver dynamic keyword insertion capabilities.

You can read more about it, download and even contribute to the repository on Github and if you have any feedback, do let us know!

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Dr Julian Hooper

Julian is the driving force behind Fluidic, a cutting-edge growth agency specialising in elevating B2B tech companies to new heights.Under Julian’s leadership, Fluidic has become synonymous with excellence, delivering bespoke solutions that go beyond conventional marketing approaches.Known for having innovative approach to growth, he has successfully guided numerous clients through transformative journeys, helping them navigate the complexities of digital marketing, client acquisition, and brand positioning. He has a track record of turning challenges into opportunities, showcasing Fluidic as a trusted partner in the industry.

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