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Is Fluidic a good Agency? Clients say we deliver on Clutch!

Is Fluidic a good agency to work with? At the time of writing, our company has been providing some of the best medical marketing services to the industry for almost 4 years. For those who are not familiar with healthcare and medical, it is very niche, highly regulated and our main role is to catalyse business growth using expertise in medical marketing, sales enablement, and product and service optimisation.

Today, we are extremely proud to announce that our company recently received our very first review on Clutch, a platform providing insight to guide business buying decisions. This is the first time that we have received a review from their platform and we are ecstatic about it! Here is a quick preview:

This project revolved around creating an end-to-end medical marketing strategy and development for a B2B healthcare technology marketplace. Our team was hired to handle everything from product development, application management, email delivery, domain management, and even CDN setup! But it doesn’t stop there, our team was also the main marketing and business development partners of the clients!

A pretty well-rounded service that covers all the needs that our clients! This is what we usually bring to the table — an end-to-end solution that will definitely address all the clients’ needs. A one-stop shop for development and marketing requirements.

To give you an idea of what the client has to say about our service, here is their CEO Guarav Sood:

Fluidic is an impressive agency that really understands digital strategy, startup lean innovation, copywriting, behavioral design, web hosting, application, and web development, and digital marketing (including SEO, content strategy, and social).

It’s kind words like this that really inspire our team to put our hearts and mind into everything we do every single day. We are really thankful for the client and the time they spared to write this very heartfelt review. The collaboration wouldn’t be as successful without your help! As they always say, teamwork always makes for dream work! 

You can expect the same level of professionalism and enthusiasm from our team on every project that we handle! From medical marketing to sales enablement, our team is here to help your business grow and achieve its goals.

Furthermore, our company was also recently recognised as a web design agency on The Manifest platform which helps service providers like us connect with clients that we wouldn’t have reached otherwise. They provide a great great list of industry leaders all over the world. Catch us (and other high flyers) on their website today!

For more information about our company and how we can help your medical or healthcare business, feel free to contact us. Our team will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Picture of Dr Julian Hooper

Dr Julian Hooper

Julian is the driving force behind Fluidic, a cutting-edge growth agency specialising in elevating B2B tech companies to new heights.Under Julian’s leadership, Fluidic has become synonymous with excellence, delivering bespoke solutions that go beyond conventional marketing approaches.Known for having innovative approach to growth, he has successfully guided numerous clients through transformative journeys, helping them navigate the complexities of digital marketing, client acquisition, and brand positioning. He has a track record of turning challenges into opportunities, showcasing Fluidic as a trusted partner in the industry.

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