Website Accessibility

If you’re in the medical and healthcare space, it's essential that your website is compliant with accessibility requirements

The Australia’s Disability Discrimination Act (1992) makes it a legal requirement for your business to provide equal access for people with disabilities. But did you know that interpretation of this legislation extends to your digital presence too?

The Australian Government lead by example, and so should you!

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What is Website Accessibility?

In much the same way that buildings are governed by standards for safety and access, the same is true of websites. WCAG 2.0 sets the guidelines and standards to ensure websites are designed and developed so that people with disabilities can use them.


People who are colour blind, vision impaired or unable to see should be able to use and navigate your website.


If a visitor to your website is unable to move a mouse or operate a keyboard your site should still be usable by them.


Some people can't hear, and if you've got audio or video content, you need to give them a way to understand it.


Help those with cognitive, neurological and other impairments by eliminating fast-moving content.

We can make your website compliant…

Our unique service and technology mix is much faster and more flexible than trying to do everything (and stay on top of updates) yourself. PLUS we facilitate 24/7 compliance and ongoing support for a fraction of the cost.

  COSTLowUp to 75% higher!
  PROTECTIONRound the ClockManual
" ","FLUIDIC","DO IT YOURSELF" "  COST","Low","Up to 75% higher!" "  TIME","Days","Months" "  DESIGN","Adaptable","Fixed" "  PROTECTION","Round the Clock","Manual"

It’s hard to conform, but we make it easy!

Our Intelligent Accessibility Compliance System is powered by state-of-the-art AI technology and backed by our human expertise, giving you an accessible website without having to lift a finger! With the system in place, when a visitor requiring accessibility modifications visits your site, they are immediately notified of your site’s capabilities, and are presented with options to make the site work for them.

1. Audit

Our AI tech will scan and automatically bring more than 90% of your website up to WCAG 2.1 AA standards.

2. Assess

Next we’ll conduct an Accessibility Gap Assessment to uncover the parts of your website that are not yet compliant.

3. Fix

Then comes the manual labour — our web team will waste no time in fixing identified issues with the hours included with your plan.

4. Comply

When your project is complete we’ll post an Accessibility Statement to your website letting your visitors know that you exceed the worldwide standards for accessibility.

After Your Site Is Accessible, Here’s What Happens Next…

Any time your website is changed, our tech goes to work behind the scenes to automatically remediate the changes within 24 hours.

We also conduct Quarterly Accessibility Assessments to look for any additional issues on your website and fix them with the free hour(s) included in your plan.

Meanwhile, your site retains its original design for all other users.

Good for Users, Great for Business

Having an accessible website shows that you care. Almost 20% of Australians have a disability and the remaining 80% will respect your brand for providing equal access to all.

Make Your Website Accessible Today!

Want to see for yourself how our web accessibility solution works? Click the icon on the bottom left of your screen to give it a go now!

Startups & Small Business

Websites up to 25 Pages
$ 99
  • Up to 2 Hours Initial Assessment & Manual Remediation Time
  • Continual AI-Based remediation
  • 1 Hour Quarterly Accessibility Assessment & Update

Medium Companies

Website up to 100 Pages
$ 149
  • Up to 4 Hours Initial Assessment & Manual Remediation Time
  • Continual AI-based Remediation
  • 2 Hours Quarterly Accessibility Assessment & Update

Large Organisations

Websites up to 500 Pages
$ 199
  • Up to 6 Hours Initial Assessment & Manual Remediation Time
  • Continual AI-based Remediation
  • 3 Hours Quarterly Accessibility Assessment & Update

Corporate & Enterprise

Websites up to 1000+ Pages
$ 249
  • Up To 8 Hours Initial Assessment & Manual Remediation Time
  • Continual AI-based Remediation
  • 4 Hours Quarterly Accessibility Assessment & Update

Note: Pricing listed above is per subdomain. For example, and would each requires separate software, effort and discreet purchases. This Service provides the above Accessibility Compliance services only for web pages based on HTML source code. Excluded content includes, but is not limited to: PDF files, custom Javascript code, non-standard HTML code, HTML code that includes errors, Flash, Shockwave or other multimedia elements. Nor does it add appropriate captions to videos, however Captioning is available as an add-on service.