Medical Marketing Strategy

Uncover a better way to grow

Whether you’re starting from scratch, or need to invigorate your business — this is the best way to obtain the strategy needed to reach your goals.

* You’re buying a 1—2 hour strategy session with pdf documents as a takeaway. Limited time offer, see details below!
Medical Marketing Strategy

Start with Strategy

Preparation is the KEY to Success

Grow without guesswork

Know what will work without wasting your budget

Hi! My name is Julian. I’m the founder and Managing Director at Fluidic.

My agency helps medical and healthcare businesses like yours to plan and achieve sustainable growth.

If you want to reach your goals, within your budget — this is THE place to start!


Get Focused

Define and plan a winning strategy

These are some of the things we might cover during our engagment…

Position & Value

Position your products and solutions for maximum impact.

PR & Media Planning

Communicate on the right channels to optimise media spend.

Marketing Timeline

Map out what to do and when, so you can stay on track.

Marketing Mix

Get all components of your offer working in synergy.

Customer Journey

Give people what they need, when they need it.

Content Planning

Get a clear picture of the content you need to create.

Customer Personas

Profile and get to know your ideal customers.


Establish the metrics you need to measure success.

Budget Allocation

Figure out how much to invest so your growth is sustained.

And then we’ll show you exactly how everything fits together, so you can make sense of the strategy and have clarity around what to do, and when to do it.

Planning is crucial to achieving consistent growth

But it can be hard to figure out how all of the ideas and approaches out there fit together. The irony of having so many ways to market your business is that even experienced marketers can end up more confused about what to do and where to start!

Plant the seed of growth!


We provide the worksheets and guided activities you need to succeed.


Everything is combined to develop your growth acceleration plan.


Implement and increase your business success with confidence.

Eliminate the Guesswork!

We’ll walk you and your team though a series of guided activities in order to uncover the fundamental building blocks required to map out your growth plan.

Actually, we meet in the middle! In the wake of COVID we have found that conducting sessions via video conference is the best way to minimise distractions and idle chit-chat. Plus, being able to share screens has the benefit of keeping the workshop focused and on track.

When we are finished, we you will have a map of your project goals, along with a plan for achieving them in the form of a detailed flow diagram. This process is similar to hiring an architect to draw up the plans for a building. When you are armed with those plans and estimates, you can then have us, or anyone else, implement them.

Okay, first things first — nobody likes a bum deal. So in the unlikely event that you are not absolutely satisfied with the outcome we will refund you immediately… no hard feelings and no worries!

At the other end of the spectrum (which is a much more likely scenario), if you absolutely love the outcome and want to continue working together we’ll credit your account to get started.

This way, if you’re unhappy it doesn’t cost you anything, but if you’re satisfied you still win. Either way, you can’t loose!

If you have a well constructed brief you are welcome to send it through and we’ll take a look. However, in our experience:

  1. It is impossible to provide you with an accurate quote (on time or price) without first understanding the full scope of the project. It’s the only way we can avoid surprises for either party.
  2. This process allows you to benefit from our experience in stimulating business growth, and guide you through solutions that we know will work for you too.
  3. We find that whilst most clients have a good idea of what they want, they don’t really understand how to achieve the goals of their organisation. You wouldn’t tell your doctor what you need without letting him assess your situation and run some tests, before making a professional recommendation. We’re professionals too, so think of this as a similar relationship — only far less invasive!

If you want to reduce risk and maximise reward, this is the place to start!

There is only one of three outcomes when you participate in our growth program

Love It

Get a credit and decide to keep working together.

Like It

Take it away with you and do the work yourself.

Hate It

If you don’t like it, you get your money back — no questions.

Don’t base your decisions on guesses

Gain a comprehensive and clear direction to move your business forwards. Start growing the strategic way.


* Limited time offer, more details below.

Medical Marketing Strategy
You literally have nothing to loose!

Get help and guidance from industry experts and strategists

Planning your marketing using our structured approach will provide you with the clarity and direction to focus on the things that matter. There is no easier or faster way to get from where you are now, to where you want to be!

Here’s The Deal…


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1. Hate it and we’ll refund your money.
2. Like it and choose to execute yourself.
3. Love it and work together on execution.

You literally have nothing to lose!

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