Medical Brand Identity

Medical and Healthcare Identity Design

Over its lifetime, your brand will be seen THOUSANDS of times across hundreds of different locations and media properties.

Medical Logo Design

As one of your most important assets, it pays dividends to have a quality logo, designed using a proven creative process that is sympathetic to your brand’s unique personality (and requires far less revisions or replacements due to poor design).

Much more than a haphazard arrangement of generic icons and random type, our logos are thoughtfully considered additions of colour and texture, designed to work symbiotically with your brand vocabulary.

Get a high quality logo designed by creative professionals and branding experts that symbolises the essence of your business.

Our Process

Research your business, market segment and competitors.
Create mood boards to define the design aesthetic.
Conceive and refine design concepts.
Shortlist and present the logo proposal.
Revise the logo based on feedback (optional).
Prepare multiple color and composition variations of the logo.
Design and deliver your branding guidelines.

Medical Branding Guidelines

Make sure everyone is on the same page about how your brand should be represented.

Additional Assets

Our designers can also create additional assets aligned to your new brand direction, such as: