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Want to spread the word and get eyes and ears on your news? Our solutions help you deliver relevant, effective and credible PR that makes an impact and enhances your medical and healthcare business.

Medical PR aligned to your goals


Whether you’re well known in the medical and healthcare industry or not, digital PR is a fantastic tool to create excitement around a launch. No matter how pumped you might be about your product or service, there’s nothing more powerful than another outlet talking about your brand.

Generating Leads

More than often than not, digital PR converts into leads. This is especially true when paired with a campaign strategy built to collect interest garnered from press coverage. From here, you can then nurture these leads into customers or brand supporters.

Gain Credibility

Of course having well known and relevant publishers write about or endorse your brand or product helps to build credibility. When it comes to medical and healthcare, trust is everything — being covered by trustworthy and reliable sources can help to fast track the process.

Facilitate Growth

In the stages where you’re trying to close rounds of funding, excite investors and bolster your pitch deck, digital PR can really come into play. Gaining exposure in relevant health or medical publications can help to win over investors and prove interest in your brand or product.

Healthcare Public Relations

Access a PR platform and press services that make it easy for you to get noticed by the medical media…

Your own newsroom.

Seamlessly linked to your main website, your newsroom is the central hub for all of your press releases, media packs and newsworthy content. Packaged in a beautifully branded and easy to navigate portal that will help the press form focused and well-rounded stories about your business.

Standard Press Release

We’ll create a press release in collaboration with you — covering everything from new product releases, your healthcare business, to highlighting a major news event.

Written by our health writers who specialise in translating complex medical information into easily understandable text, you can feel confident that your press release will gain the interest of medical and healthcare publications.

Press Releases.

Press releases are the vehicles for sending information to publishers, journalists and media outlets. Our team of medical media specialists ensure they follow a proven structure for maximum impact, including all the important details of your story, release or campaign in an easily digestible format.

Multimedia Press Release

Including multiple images, graphics or even videos can really make a difference when being noticed in a healthcare writers’ inbox. Our multimedia press releases are powerful tools that will make an impact, further telling your story and creating buzz around your medical business.

Australian Doctor
ABC News
Diabetic Living


Benefit from our media database of PR contacts which is being continually updated to ensure you have access to fresh, relevant health and medical journalists. Whether you want to have a more hands-on approach with managing distribution or are looking for full-serviced management, we’re here to help.

  • Basic. Distribute your press release to an aggregated list of medical and health outlets using eye-catching visual press releases. Hitting both mainstream and niche industry publications, you will have the opportunity to engage with journalists, writers and editors yourself.
  • Enhanced. This is our ‘full service’, including distribution, follow-ups and liaison with the press covering your story. We’ll ensure all the boxes are ticked and your healthcare business is represented in the best way possible — communicating your messaging and being on-brand.
Sydney Morning Herald
  • Media Kit creation. This includes branding for different sizes, tone of voice, company story and aggregation of any visual assets which would be useful to house on your newsroom.


  • Distribution list building. This will move beyond our standard media list and get super-specific. Whatever medical niche you’re trying to target or goal you’re trying to achieve, we’ll refine a list of press outlets and contacts that will help you get in front of your audience and smash your goals.

Specialised Services.

Your newsroom and press releases go hand in hand. But to really strengthen your digital PR campaign, a media kit and targeted distribution list can go a long way. These one-off services can take your results to the next level if you’re looking for maximum impact.

Reach hundreds of Journalists across Australia reporting on specialist healthcare topics

With unparalleled access to Australian newsrooms and media outlets, we help medical and healthcare organisations like yours share their stories, develop media coverage and build strong connections with key media contacts.