Direct Mail Marketing

Want to make a tangible impact? Push the Envelope!

We turn customer data into new connections that transform the growth of healthcare businesses.

Remember the good old days?

There was once a time when junk mail was a pile of unwanted brochures and glossy envelopes, but times have changed.

But cost and convenience has transferred the spam to our inbox. And that’s good news, because receiving welcomed physical mail is now a rare experience.

Nowadays the anticipation of opening mail can be an exciting and memorable experience — let us help you take advantage!

Mail outperforms other methods of advertising.

Source: Australia Post – Creating connections that matter 2013

What We Do

1. Design

We’ll work with you to develop a strategy aligned to your business goals and budget. Often with direct mail the most costly component is the postage. Our experts can help with a results driven campaign that's optimised to give you the best value possible.

2. Print

Our team of skilled printers makes sure that your mail looks and feels great and all deliverables are ready to send out on time. We can even provide deep customisation and personalisation of materials to help you leverage your customer data for maximum effect.

3. Pack

We’ll ensure that all your mail components are combined and packaged on time to achieve high engagement, great responses and the best results possible.

4. Send

No matter how many letters or bulky parcels you need to send, we’ll handle all the logistics and ensure everything lodged with Australia Post to get your direct mail marketing campaign on the road.

Solutions for your business

Direct Mail

Drive your business growth using tangible communications infused with a personal touch. Communicate with your target demographic to help drive better health outcomes in noticeably novel ways.


The most cost effective way to capture attention and provide visibility on your value proposition.

Brochures, literature and information packs

Educate your target market using tangible materials that provide a memorable experience of your brand and positive association with your product.

Personalised content

Don’t just put a name on the envelope, send personalised cards, invitations and more.

Hand addressed envelopes

Bypass the gatekeepers and reach the decision makers with hand addressed envelopes.

Integrated tracking

Using dynamic solutions we can set up digital tracking via landing pages so you can measure the success of your direct mail campaigns.

Beautiful stationary

Communicate your brand with high quality envelopes and paper to build trust.

Interested in a solution that fits your budget?

Do you need a turnkey solution that will move your medical and pharmaceutical products from the warehouse to the field? We can deliver an omnichannel, proactive product sampling campaign that puts your product into the hands of registered healthcare professionals.

Medical Product Sampling

Boost your product visibility, literally! Sending samples by mail is a cost effective and frictionless method of promoting your medical products, without the typical overheads of in-person engagement.

How it works..


Get a fully branded landing page, personalised to greet your users, with all of your product information and an offer to request samples.


We let customers within your ideal segment know about your product using our extensive email database containing hundreds of thousands of HCPs.


Your samples are packaged and sent by our team, along with follow up communications to measure ROI, nurture and maximise your campaigns performance.

Corporate Gifting

If you want to truly capture somebody’s attention and show you care, sending them a gift is a guaranteed way to be remembered for all the right reasons.

Corporate gifting is a great way to incentivise business partners, enhance team morale or prospect and generate high quality sales leads.

Perfect for B2B companies in the medical and healthcare space, we can help you reach out to your ICPs with a gift they simply can’t ignore! Gifting works equally well for high and low value clients and layered with our digital lead generation services can really impact your growth.

3 Easy Steps

How it works

1. Connect

Tell us about your aims and goals

2. Design

We’ll work with you to design a strategy

3. Execute

Relax whilst our team takes care of the heavy lifting.

Direct Mail, Printing and Fulfilment Specialists

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