Scientific & Medical Marketing

We fuse industry knowledge, cutting-edge technology, great design, user experience and digital marketing techniques into strategies that grow business.

Discover What We Can Do for YouR BUSINESS

Our team can deliver a dynamic range of marketing services to help define your brand, reach your customers and achieve success.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is not longer just meta data and backlinks. Nowadays you need to communicate relevancy though the use of rich media and interesting content.

Content Creation

Our wordsmiths weave technical intricacies into copy that invokes the inquisitive nature of people, sparking their imagination and compelling them to learn more.

Strategic Marketing

Seeing the big picture and knowing how to piece together the myriad of choices is the key to developing a successful marketing strategy. With us on your side it’s easy!


Building a brand is more than just designing logos. We do that of course, but we’re also experts at formulating unique perceptions of brands that feel familiar and nurture customer loyalty.

Email Campaigns

We design and compose marketing emails that are made to be noticed, inspire action and generate leads and sales for your business.

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Web Design

Our copywriters, developers and designers are experts at creating beautiful websites that drive business objectives towards positive outcomes.

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Reach The People You Care About

For healthcare mareketers we have a huge database of industry contacts available for the exclusive use of our clients. Our email system allows you to design and send EDM’s under your own steam at reasonable rates, or we can work together on developing a responsive message or campaign that will engage your target audience.

Increase Traffic and Conversions

For most businesses a robust digital marketing strategy will undoubtedly be the number one priority. Digital marketing is more affordable, flexible, and more engaging than traditional marketing methods. Top-performing small and mid-sized companies are finding better results, improved best practices, and increased engagement using digital marketing.

It can look like a minefield, but we know the best way to get you to the other side!

Our Latest Projects

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Corporate Landing

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Is your marketing fluidic?

Imagine you have a marketing department filled with technical copywriters, content creators, graphic designers, SEM and SEO specialists, web developers – all highly skilled in their own discipline and working together like a well oiled machine.

They are expertly guided by people with real experience of the scientific and medical industry, who work closely with you to generate and implement marketing strategies that put your competitors to shame.

The material and campaigns are so beautifully designed and effective they start to feed countless highly qualified leads into your CRM. Your sales team are so busy they spend all their time closing sales instead of chasing opportunities.

Imagine you have all of this, without having to worry about desk space, computers, HR, sick days and annual leave — at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost.

Now you can spend the increased revenue on growing your business into new areas, rather than being bogged down managing employees.

If you like the sound of this, if it seems like a great idea…. well you can stop imagining, that’s exactly the service fluidic deliver to medical and scientific companies just like yours!