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It’s how companies with lofty ambitions ignite their growth

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Most companies have amazing products and services, yet fail to activate their true potential. If you’re stuck in the daily grind and struggling to get results, you can count on us to bring the A-Game!

What we do

Think of us as your full-service growth team — managing everything from strategy to execution.

We will guide and support you in every area required for efficient, scalable business growth.

Together we’ll give your business the attention and boost it needs (and deserves)!

How it works…

We directly integrate the talent that your business needs to succeed.


Firstly you will be assigned a dedicated Growth Assistant, who will come armed with the skills and tools needed to make a real impact at ground level.


Then we layer in the expertise of a senior Growth Consultant, whose knowledge and experience will help guide your business towards success.

What will they do?

Your Growth Consultant focuses on strategy, and your Growth Assistant focuses on implementation. Together they will work with you and your team to predictably scale your business.

Growth Consultant

  • Profiles your customers
  • Creates growth strategies
  • Designs and tests hypothesis
  • Evaluates performance data
  • Assists and guides your GA
  • Consults with your team
  • Reports on your KPIs

Growth Assistant

  • Outreach and lead generation
  • Online PPC ad campaigns
  • Creating website graphics and banners
  • Social media management
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Website updates and improvements
  • Create new landing pages
  • Market research and customer surveys
  • Keyword research and content planning
  • Email marketing and newsletters
  • Graphic design — social media, flyers, brochures, website etc…
  • PR, Media and Comms
  • Anything else you’d like to task them with!

And if you happen to need complex copy, detailed articles, or highly refined graphics, your GA will coordinate with our team of Growth Specialists to ensure those tasks are also handled for you.

* Limited availability. Eligible businesses only.

Simple Pricing

Designed for Maximum Flexibility

Most agencies want to see how much your business can afford to pay before providing their rates — prioritising their own profits over your success. At Fluidic, we do things differently. We’ve engineered our agency using a combination of world-class talent, agile marketing and a mutual partnership model that allows us to skip the usual nonsense and focus on results, not billing.


Aim higher!
$ 4,000 / Month
  • Growth Consultant
  • Part time Growth Assistant
  • On demand Growth Specialists
  • 20 Hours per week


Small Business
$ 6,000 / Month
  • Growth Consultant
  • Full time Growth Assistant
  • On demand Growth Specialists
  • 40 Hours per week
Best Value


Larger Companies
$ 13,000 / Month
  • Growth Consultant
  • Full time Growth Assistant
  • FTE Growth Specialists
  • 80 Hours per week

Why Fluidic?

Agencies typically charge an hourly rate starting from $200. Do the maths and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see our costs are a fraction of that (and deliver outstanding value):

That’s a whole lot of expertise and the power to get things done, for less than it would cost to hire a receptionist!

Get a skilled combination of growth experts to manage and execute your growth initiatives for a simple, fixed monthly fee.

* Limited availability. Eligible businesses only.

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Ready to Get Growing?

See if you qualify for a Growth Assessment to workshop your struggles and get some real solutions actionable recommendations to help you grow faster/better/stronger 💪

* Companies that meet our criteria may be eligible for an in-depth Growth Assessment — a deep dive into what’s happening right now in your business.