Thermon is a solution for monitoring and logging temperatures using an Internet of Things (IoT) device, with applications in laboratories and healthcare. The app makes it insanely easy to keep track of refrigerated products by sending users weekly reports and immediate SMS alerts if anything out of the ordinary is detected.

The Challenge

Thermon’s existing website and branding did not reflect or communicate the key features of the product well. There was a clear need to improve the product marketing in order to generate awareness of the benefits within Australian general practice and beyond.

Our Solution

Thermon’s platform is seriously amazing, there is nothing like it available in the market today.

For this reason we devised a value proposition and strategy with precise reach – to engage people who didn’t even know they needed it (until they heard from us).

Key to our approach was the dissemination of education around suitability of use in a regulated environment, to generate a gold standard reputation for temperature monitoring.

Branding & Strategy

Thermon’s visual identity was given a complete redesign, boasting clean typography to reflect the product’s inherent simplicity and bold contrasting colours to convey utility in extreme situations.

Website Redesign

We optimised the Thermon website for lead conversion and introduced compelling call-to-actions, resulting in increased lead captures.

Digital Advertising

Our digital advertising experts designed, monitored and refined a Google AdWords campaign using direct feedback to optimise the performance and effectiveness of advertising spend.

Content Creation

Speaking with existing and potential customers revealed resistance points to product adoption. Using FAQ’s and brochures to provide alleviation at known pain points was an effective countermeasure. Educational resources were disseminated via the website and wider digital marketing campaign.

Electronic Direct Mail

Using our database of over 6,000 Australian GP practices we devised a drip email campaign with dynamic lead nurturing to drive users on the the newly optimised product landing page, capture their attention and provide product education.

The Results

After we implemented our strategy and design solutions and kicking off a marketing campaign leads were increased by a significant amount, leading to a huge return on Thermon’s investment with us.


Extra Leads


Return on Investment

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