Trust is the focal point for all medical marketing

Do you want to amplify the extraordinary work you do that changes people’s lives?

If you’re doing business in the medical industry, trust needs to be placed at the centre of your marketing in order for it to be truly effective.

The reason for this is because real people, just like you, are what underpins the entire health ecosystem — we’re all patients at one time or another.

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Whether you’re selling products and services, building a medical device, developing software or creating new health technology, the common denominator for our innovations is a desire to improve health outcomes for populations and individuals.

It’s a fantastic and exciting goal that we all share and it all centres on an encounter between a patient and clinician.

Seeking medical assistance can be a daunting and scary prospect. When a patient engages with a healthcare provider, they are taking a huge leap of faith — there needs to be a profound level of trust in the prover’s abilities.

In order to deliver a service efficiently and safely, medical professionals require the same degree of confidence in the infrastructure, equipment and services that support the delivery of their services.

Therefore, the trust that begins with a patient is naturally passed up the chain to anybody that has a direct or indirect touchpoint to the clinical pathway.

The Four Elements of Trust

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The update that Google made to their ranking algorithm in August 2018 has become known as the Medic Core update. So named because it had a detrimental effect on many medical and healthcare websites, it highlighted the need for organisations in Your Money Your Life industries to prioritise the Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (E-A-T) of their content.

This should be the case regardless of third party penalties or the channel in question — digital or otherwise — because it’s something we should all be duty bound to uphold given the nature of the medical industry.

The four foundations for building trust of your medical marketing brand are:

  • Quality
  • Empathy
  • Authenticity
  • Authority

So how do you do it?

In order to become credible, it’s necessary to earn trust, achieved by concentrating on four key elements within your marketing and communications. Each one should be continually infused into all of your marketing communications: website, advertisements, sales promotions, public relations — every form of paid, earned, shared or owned media that you can.

Julian Hooper

Julian Hooper

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