A Simple Content Marketing Blueprint for Your Medical Startup

You have — or are close to getting — a Minimum Viable Product. Congratulations! Chances are you don’t have a lot of extra time, money and resources to spend plugging your product or service, especially since it requires so much energy to develop.

Let’s talk Minimum Viable Marketing. This is about getting effective communications for the least effort. It’s lean and clean with no wastage.

Why Content Marketing?

You have probably heard of ‘Content Marketing’. Essentially, this is about sharing educational and informational material around a theme, the need for your product, and product category.

The intention behind content marketing is that it achieves multiple objectives.

  1. It engages different audiences and different levels of awareness and involvement;
  2. It answers questions;
  3. It entertains;
  4. It builds your profile;
  5. It showcases your expertise and authority; and
  6. It uses keywords that help your website gain some traction through search (SEO).

All of this exposure is free, except of course for the time cost.

What’s the Purpose?

The purpose of content marketing is to help us achieve our business goals. That said, that is likely to include building awareness, understanding, liking and preference for our healthcare startup’s offer.

In this way, we can use our content to educate and entertain our audience and this will help build awareness and understanding of our offering, and then liking and preference.

It can help our startup to answer certain questions and stand out in the mind of the customer. Its main job is to say:

  • Why is it important? [define the problem and the scope of the problem]
  • What is it? [how does it solve the problem?]
  • Who is it for? [who can benefit and how / Case studies]
  • Why is it better or different? [comparison/how you fill a gap]
  • How it works [how to use it/order it/install it/]

How do you start?

The basis of a startup Content Marketing Strategy is a Website with a built-in Blog.

A simple, one-page website with an email sign-up form will do just fine.

Iterating and reiterating information that speaks to these five points (above and below) will give you an enormous arsenal of content that can be understood, shared, found online, and reported on by the media.

Basically, we will start with WORDS. Use the template to draft some notes about the posts you can create for each of these five points.

blogs template image

Use the template to help guide you through basic blog posts to get started.

To Recap

Now you can see how simple and strategic a content marketing strategy can be. The number of posts you create is scalable to the time you have available.

If you have minimal time, for example, you might want to focus strictly on your cornerstone content. That’s the main building blocks that tell people about why the world needs your product, about how your product works, and how to get it.

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