Healthcare Branding: The benefits of taking your efforts to the next level

Whether you are a healthcare organisation or medical practice, healthcare branding should be a crucial aspect of your marketing strategy. For too long, providers and organisations in the healthcare industry have inadvertently ignored the importance of branding within their healthcare marketing strategy, mostly because the business of delivering healthcare is seemingly straightforward; get sick, receive treatment, head home.

But you should never assume that a patient or member understands your business based on the premise that they know which services you provide. You should work hard to establish your voice and morals through carefully planned branding efforts. Doing so helps to make your brand memorable and differentiates you from the competition. It’s how you add value to those you serve, and by virtue, your business!

Branding Elements

As any self-respecting healthcare marketer will tell you, developing and executing a strong healthcare branding strategy is an essential component of gaining the competitive advantage. Why? Because the branding elements you develop will help patients, partners and other stakeholders understand what you stand for and why. And make no mistake — this is hugely important.

Brand Identity

The elements of a great brand identity include your company’s values, and a strong, established voice. Everything that makes your business unique comes across in your brand voice. The benefits of such a presence greatly affect your success in the near and far future.

Patient Experience

Let’s face it; healthcare is entirely about customer service and meeting the needs of healthcare consumers. Many in the healthcare sector base their success (as do potential patients) on customer experience or, as we term it, Patient eXperience (PX).

Patient experience is essential to healthcare branding
Delivering a great patient experience is essential to your healthcare branding.

Managing patient satisfaction means gauging peoples reactions and the relationships they’ve formed with your brand. A good PX means that your patient trusts you and places confidence in your team and your healthcare service.

When you pay careful attention to patient experience, you can quickly drum up positive reviews and word-of-mouth referrals to instil mass trust in your brand identity and help establish your brand.

Brand Positioning

Business is evolving in almost every industry, and healthcare companies must position themselves well enough to bring in new patients. Regulations are tight, and finding the means to stand out can be incredibly challenging.

However, conducting thorough competitor research and making a lasting impression on your audience will help you situate yourself in the top spot. Pairing the ability to stand out with a recognisable brand voice will allow new patients to find you without issue.

Know Your Patients

A strong brand voice means speaking to your desired audience. When you understand the demographic that typically uses your services, you can tailor your brand voice and your ad campaigns to reach them.

Brand Promise

Never lose sight of why you’ve set out to do what you do. No matter what avenue of medicine your practice is in, always stay true to the reasons you began. Make sure people know what your mission and values are and what you stand for!

Remaining faithful to your values will help you maintain authenticity with your core audience, and keep you loving what you do. Set the principles that will guide your brand early on, and let them form your business path forward.

Visual Identity

This is where most people think branding begins and ends. The visual identity of your brand is what a consumer sees and requires little explanation.

It includes elements such as your healthcare logo, fonts and typefaces, colour pallet and contributes strongly to your brand image.

Ultimately the visual elements of your brand identity serve as a trigger mechanism. When somebody sees your logo, what do they feel, what do they think — does it align with the holistic image for your healthcare brand?

Healthcare Branding Matters

Branding is such an essential part of your healthcare marketing mix. Think about it — whatever you do, your brand is there:

  • Your healthcare logo
  • Social media marketing
  • Infographics
  • Content marketing
  • Healthcare marketing campaign

The list goes on, but you get the idea. Your brand image matters because people see it as the personification of your business and it’s a part of everything you do. It’s your companies DNA, encoded with all of the attributes that make it unique and recognisable!

Consistency in your communications combined with a well developed brand personality leads, over time, to brand awareness amongst your target audience. In other words, put your best foot forwards often and eventually people will start to associate your healthcare business synonymously with the services you provide and values you follow.

And that my friends is what is know as strong brand value and it’s a very, very good place to find yourself in!

Running a healthcare practice doesn’t come with a simple set of rules. You have to promote your business in an industry full of strict regulations and demands. If you want to find out more about how to build a strong healthcare brand and go the extra mile feel free to reach out and contact us — it will pay off in the long run!

The Growth Blueprint
The Growth Blueprint
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