Content Marketing: A Perfect Fit for the Health Vertical

Content marketing is a proven way of delivering lucrative traffic to almost any online business, but it’s vastly more efficient in specific verticals than in others. In particular, if you’re promoting a company within the health sector, it’s a strategy you can’t afford to ignore. Here’s why.

Positive Branding Opportunities

When people have worrying medical symptoms, they want information — fast. They need a solution to their problem and will feel positive about your brand when your content supplies the answers they’re seeking. Combine this with the intensely emotional nature of most health queries, and it’s clear that high-quality health content can create loyal, engaged customers like few other tactics.

Huge Range of Possible Content

Even the smallest niche within the health vertical offers an abundance of topics to write about. There’s almost no end to the amount of interesting and useful information you can publish, and you can provide it in the shape of lifestyle advice, case studies, technical descriptions, personal stories, and many other formats. That means you can build an enormous range of unique, valuable content that’s always working to attract visitors to your website.

Immense Traffic Potential

And there’s no shortage of people looking for this content either. Recent studies suggest that around 80% of web users have searched for health-related terms within the last year, representing an enormous hunger for information which your high-quality content could satisfy.

News-Driven Market

The news media are well aware that health is a hot topic for their viewers and readers, and there’s always a storm brewing around one issue or another. Find a way to build useful content that taps into the zeitgeist, and you’ll benefit from the awareness that other outlets have worked hard to generate.

Constant Change

Continuous research and product development mean that health is one of the fastest-changing sectors online. If you consistently provide content that covers new developments, you’ll not only gain more visitors hungry for the latest information, but the search engines will reward you for giving a fresh, useful, regularly updated resource.

Added Authority

Lastly, in many health niches, you can back up your content with hard science. Facts and figures from trusted authorities will lend credibility and power to your brand, which is a vital first stage in the conversion process. Few other sectors make it so easy to turn publicly available data toward your marketing benefit.

Health is a vertical which offers massive opportunities, but this is precisely why it’s such a crowded space in which to work. Content marketing provides a powerful way of reaching vast numbers of potential customers, but the tactic relies on providing genuine value. Make it your aim to develop the very best health content to be found within your particular niche, and the rewards can be enormous.

The Growth Blueprint
The Growth Blueprint
Julian Hooper

Julian Hooper

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